Rent Magic: Unlock Possibilities

Website Design + Developement + UI animation + Pitch Deck
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Renbizz empowers every store and brand to unlock new possibilities by effortlessly renting out their products. With a user-friendly technological and logistical setup, seamlessly integrate Renbizz into your existing systems. Elevate your brand with a fresh revenue model, perfectly attuned to evolving consumer behavior and the rising demand for rental experiences.

The Concept

In creating the visual language for Renbizz's website, it was crucial for us to choose a style that resonates with swift spontaneity, featuring torn paper edges, imprecise cutouts, a distinctive font, and a vibrant, lively color palette. The graphic language incorporates minimalist collages and clean, classical typography. We worked on the website's design, starting from conceptualization, the brand language, animations, and structure.

The visual Language

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