How does it work?


We create websites in motion! They move, breathe and combine illustrations & animations in a visual language that’s all yours. This will turn your website into a truly remarkable one! The process occurs under one roof, with our meticulous supervision.


What On The Menu?

Brand Website

It takes all of ten seconds to judge a website, so it’s really important to demonstrate value quickly.
Websites in motion have the added value of entertainment, and the potential to lead a visitor through the different pages or features of your website. Most importantly: visitors will stick around.

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Micro animation

Use micro animations to provide flow, give feedback, create focus and hierarchy, and mostly -  enhance your brand experience and to give it character and oomph!

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Ui illustrations

Add Illustrations! It’s one of the most versatile means of conveying a message, not to mention visually aesthetic and pleasing. Illustration is a great way of visually representing the messages expressed, making it all the more clear and accessible.

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hero section

It’s the very first impression a visitor receives and it creates greater emotional engagement. So why not offer a very creative and appealing first impression?

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kick-Off Meeting


We’ll get to know you and your company, understand the market you operate in, and set shared goals and objectives for the process. You'll get to know our team and together, we will brainstorm and strategize.

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Messaging & Content


After understanding what messages we’re conveying, it’s time to think about the angle and write the content in the most refined way, so the copyrighting really represents your company’s character and tone.

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Wire Frames


We’ll sketch the structure of the website, figure out what route the customer will take, and create the most efficient and user-friendly solution for them.

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Time to take out the markers and sharpen the pencils! We’ll now create a trendy design that will take you one step ahead of everyone else.

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Micro Animation


You’re definitely going to scream “OMG! It’s alive!” The designed frames are going to move and become a fun video experience.

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Website in Motion


The part we’ve all been waiting for! Once the design is ready, we’ll start moving the website, in all the right places.

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We on Air!


It’s all down to coding and QA, and getting down to the smallest details. Now just send the link to everyone you know and get them excited too!


Do you have any questions?

We’ve got answers.
If you can’t find what you're looking for, feel free to get in touch

How long does it take to build a website?
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The duration of building a website changes in accordance with the type of website you’re building, its complexity, how much content goes in,  and feedback availability. We have the skills to adjust ourselves and the project scope to the deadline. You're welcome to drop us a line and write what you need and what your deadline is.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?
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Every project requires different work scope, in accordance with the type of website and level of complexity. Send us a message and we’ll take it from there. We’ll chat a bit and give you a price quote as soon as possible!

What companies do you work with?
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Our clients are an inseparable part of us. We work with many companies and organizations, tech companies and promising startups. Cyber companies, HR, lifestyle, Fintech, Health Tech, Agritech, Construction Tech, Ad Tech, Ed Tech, applications, pharmaceutical companies, etc. 

Whether you’re a big company or a small new start-up, you have a place here!

Where are you located?
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We’re everywhere! Since Covid, we work remotely.
Most of us are located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and we work with creatives from all over the world. Of course, if you want to meet up for coffee like in the good old days, we’d be more than happy!

What makes Peanuts special?
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We wake up in the morning wanting to make the world a more beautiful place, and meet clients that help us discover new and exciting fields.

After working on more than 100 projects with leading companies, we're confident in our ability to create spectacular projects that make an impact for different clients with various needs.

Our clients testify that the websites we created for them increased the exposure to their brand, increased involvement and motivated action.
We know that one recommendation is worth a thousand words, so you're welcome to check out the homepage and read what our clients have to say.

What type of websites do you create?
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We know what questions to ask in order to build the most suitable website for you. We mostly create personalized promotional websites with an emphasis on the visual aspect. Websites in motion, of course, so they can’t be ignored ;)

What does the process look like?
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Our process is transparent, may include peanuts, and always strategic :)
We know how to ask the important strategic questions: what is the real purpose of the project, who is the target audience? What are the main messages that need to be conveyed? We write a witty script, create wire frames, design with the utmost attention, and get everything moving with a smooth animation until the website is on air and you're over the moon, of course. Want to know more about the process? Click here

What is our part in the process?
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Your job is to help us learn more about your company or product, go through the process, send us preliminary materials, participate in meetings, and make decisions for your company. We believe a good creative process occurs through dialogue and a relationship of trust and patience. We look forward to getting to know you!

Who will we be our contact during our shared process?
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Each project is managed by our professional team, an Art Director and a Project Manager who push the project forward all the way to its completion. We’ll send you an organized gantt when we get started.

What motivate you?
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We wake up in the morning wanting to make the world a more beautiful place, and meet clients that help us discover new and exciting fields.

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