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Noa Shpinat

CEO & Creative Director & BasketBall Player

Noa is an art director, designer & illustrator, and of course, the founder of peanuts, skillfully conducting the creative forces working in the studio.

Noa loves technology, basketball and yoga. She is a mother to Louie the Dog, and a partner to the wonderful Yarden.

We Believe That

creativity motivates companies forward!

We wake up in the morning wanting to make the world a more beautiful place, and meet clients that help us discover new and exciting fields.
We live and breathe creation, our creative team loves collaborating with interesting people, work on exciting projects, and snack on peanuts, of course:)

Noa Shpinat

Founder, Creative Director & BasketBall Player

"Making things happen, integrating different fields, making ideas come to life and conducting the orchestra all the way to a result that the whole team is part of, really gets me going."

Riva Naroshevitch

CEO & Green Roof Lover

“Getting to know people that manage interesting products and services really blows my mind. Finding just the right strategy and helping them take another step in their business process is my thing.”

Yotam Rozin

Animator & Moon Howler

“More than anything else I savor the joy of motion. I love it when it's playful, delicate, and expressive.”

Maytal Yarkoni

Screenwriter & Otter Enthusiast

“I love seeing the magic created between the words, the images and a group of talented people.”

Or Livne

Illustrator & Cheesecake Specialist

"it's never boring, every project opens a whole new world of artistic concepts, colors, and storytelling'

Rami Elal

After Effects Pro & Dungeon Wizard

“Animation combines everything I love. It’s the place where I can express myself freely and make my ideas come to life.”

Inbal Ohayoun

Illustrator & Succulent Aficionado

“I love creating aesthetic things and the possibility of trying out new styles really excites me. The most fun and magical aspect is seeing my designs come to life in animation.”

Reut Pardo

Creative Director & Exercise Addict

“I enjoy making beautiful designs move around while telling beautiful stories.”

Sufa Ben Zeev

Office Manager & Philosopher

“I love helping people and lending a hand, taking on some of the administrative work business owners have so they can focus on their chosen line of business.”

Grisha Tsvetkov

Animator & Skateboarder

“It is pure happiness to create animation and motion design. My favorite part is creating unusual transitions between shots and work with abstract animation.”

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