How does it work?


Creating an appealing video that tells the story of your company - is an art, no less. Our experience and expertise enable us to create videos at the highest level, leaving no loose ends, and take you step by step through every stage of the process.


What On The Menu?

Product Video

Go for a product video, to showcase how your product or service works, and what it offers. A product video is entertaining and fun to watch, not to mention has the potential to create loyalty and increase sales.

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Explainer Video

Use this short video format, to highlight your company's product, service, or business idea in a compelling and efficient way. An explainer video will look great on your website and convey important information in the most accessible way.

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Tutorial Video

Go for a tutorial or how-to video to help the user successfully accomplish a task. Users are three times more likely to prefer a tutorial video over reading instructions. So why not go for the most efficient way?

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Marketing Video

Improve performance by developing a unique language for your website or application, one that moves beautifully & smoothly.

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kick-Off Meeting


We’ll get to know you and your product, understand the market in which you operate, set goals and objectives for our shared process. You'll get to know our team and together, we will brainstorm and strategize

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After understanding what message we’re conveying, it’s now time to decide what’s our angle and how to write the most precise and succinct script, 90 seconds max., in your company's language and tone.

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We’ll send you a first sketch that will give you a feel for the flow and clarity of the video. This is our way to get quick feedback from you and ensure the messages are conveyed before moving on to the next stages.

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We will take the sketches and start designing a few key frames that will represent the visual “look” of the final video. Once we get your approval for the chosen style, we’ll move on to designing the entire video, in the visual language we defined.

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This is the fun part! Things start to move! Once the design is ready, we’ll start animating the design, moving the character, bringing in camera movement. You’re going to be over the moon, screaming “OMG! It’s alive!”

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Narration & Sound


We will now add just the right narration, background music and sound effects to complete the sensory experience.

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We’re on Air!


Now you can sit comfortably on your office couch or at home, and watch the video on a big screen, preferably with beer and peanuts :) At the end of the process we’ll ask you for feedback and for the business results of this process, so we can keep improving.


Do you have any questions?

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What makes peanuts special?
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After working on more than 100 projects alongside leading companies, we're confident in our ability to create spectacular projects that make an impact for different clients with various needs. Our clients testify that our videos increased the exposure to their brand, increased involvement and motivated to action. We know that one recommendation is worth a thousand words, so you're welcome to check out the homepage and read what our clients have to say.

How much does a promotional video cost?
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Each production requires a different work scope, in accordance with the project type and complexity level, video duration, design style.
Send us a message and we’ll take it from there.
We’ll chat a bit and give you a price quote as soon as possible! 

What does the process look like?
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Our process is transparent, may include peanuts, and always strategic :) We would love to take you through every stage of the production process, from A to Z. The video is created in stages, with your full cooperation.

We'll get to know you and your product, the market you operate in, set goals and objectives for our shared process.We know how to ask the important strategic questions: what is the real purpose of the video, who is the target audience? What are the main messages that need to be conveyed?

We write a witty script, create a storyboard, design with the utmost attention, add sound and voiceover and get everything to move in a smooth animation until the video is complete and you're over the moon, of course. Want to know more about the process? Click here

Who will we be communicating with during the process?
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Each project is managed by our professional team, an Art Director and a Project Manager who push the project forward all the way to its completion. We’ll send you an organized gantt when we get started. We look forward to getting to know you! - send us a message!

 What gets you going in the morning?
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We wake up in the morning wanting to make the world a more beautiful place, and meet clients that help us discover new and exciting fields.

How long does it take to produce a video?
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Producing times depend on the nature of the video, it's complexity, how quickly we receive feedback and the deadline :)
Generally, we know that producing a video -once the script is confirmed - takes about a month. More complex videos can take a few months' work. We have the skills to adjust ourselves and the project scope to the deadline. You're welcome to drop us a line and write what you need and what your deadline is.

What kind of videos does Peanuts Studio produce?
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Whatever video you need - we’re here! 
We know what questions to ask in order to create just the video for you.
We do it all: commercials, promotional videos, marketing videos, 2D/3D videos, explainer videos, product videos, How To videos, inside-organization videos, exhibition videos, etc.  If there’s anything missing here, you’re welcome to challenge us - send us a message!

What companies do you work with?
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Our clients are an inseparable part of us. We work with many companies and organizations, tech companies and promising startups. Cyber companies, HR, lifestyle, Fintech, Health Tech, Agritech, Construction Tech, Ad Tech, Ed Tech, applications, pharmaceutical companies, etc.  Whether you’re a big company or a small new startup, you have a place here!

What is our part in the process?
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Your job is to help us learn more about your company or product, go through the process, send us preliminary materials, participate in meetings, and make decisions for your company. We believe a good creative process occurs through dialogue and a relationship of trust and patience. We look forward to getting to know you! - send us a message!

Why is a promotional video important?
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Video is the most effective marketing tool for creating impact and conveying a message in a short time. We create marketing videos that will motivate your viewers to action, double the conversions, promote the brand and yield great business results.

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