Ideal Classification with Raphael's Cloud Spectrum

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Raphael specializes in developing defense systems – in the air, on land, at sea, and in cyberspace – with the goal of serving as a significant contributor to the security of the State of Israel. Raphael's systems are built on a 70-year legacy of breakthrough technology, creativity, resilience, and innovation

The Concept

On the Refael branding project, we infused the experience with the power of the brand classification! Dive into the world of 'Unclassified' and explore the allure of utmost secrecy as we redefine the traditional 'traffic light' system. With their revolutionary 'Cloud Spectrum,' the employees can now discover the perfect classification that embodies innovation, personal choice, and the freedom of remote work. They can find the right fit through the chat feature, laptop stickers, and posters. Elevate your classification game!

The visual Language

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