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What is PEPPER?

Entirely mobile banking, without branches and 100 percent free - no checking account fees.Based on innovative technology capabilities, PEPPER provides smart banking using valuable insights that keep customers informed and helps them to better control and manage their financials.

The concept

We were asked to produce a number of HowTo videos for PEPPER, an easy-to-use digital bank app. We created short and rhythmic videos, and decided to use the pink custom cursor to represent Pepper as an ongoing motif. It has a clear, recognizable visual style that emphasizes PEPPER.

Done in collaboration with "The Feel Makers"

The visual Language

Having Peanuts as a creative studio for our projects, proved to be a huge success, in terms of both results and process. Brainstorming together was fluid, the creative process inventive and efficient, in which Peanuts perfectly adapted to the client's view, and the final products were always on target, if not stunning.

Lior Netzer
CEO, The Films Makers

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